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CCCM Tools, Templates and Guide Guidelines

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The following is a collection of tools, templates and reference documents specifically selected for use by CCCM Cluster Coordinators. The forthcoming 2014 revision of the Camp Management Toolkit will contain relevant sections on many of the following topics, however this collection should be regarded as a toolkit specifically for Cluster Coordinators.
Reference Documents
These documents provide CCCM Cluster Coordinators with information on the Cluster approach, CCCM Cluster structure and the activities and responsibilities associated with Cluster Coordination. Specific references to existing guidelines or documents have been chosen to take the Cluster Coordinator straight the most recent (at time of writing) or most comprehensive information on that topic.

Tools and Templates
A collection of tools and templates that will assist Cluster Coordinators on topics such as information management, developing camp management strategies, sit reps, site planning and other technical areas. Some of these tools are drafts and offered only as guidance. Please adapt where necessary to be more appropriate to the context you are working in.
Download the Full Coordinator Toolkit
The full collection of tools, templates and references can be downloaded from our CCCM Dropbox folder onto a USB stick or local drive and then references via an easy-to-use browser-based interactive index. Download from this link and follow the instructions in the read me file for installation.