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Global Support to Field

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CCCM Rapid Response Team (RRT) - Members of the CCCM Rapid Response Team can be deployed at short notice to support operations requiring CCCM expertise, trainings, strategy development or any other need for short to medium length missions. All costs are borne by the Global Cluster.

CCCMCap Roster - The CCCM Roster can deploy CCCM experts, generally for cluster coordination or support purposes, for medium to long-term missions. All costs are borne by the Global Cluster.


CCCM Training Roster - The training roster can quickly deploy CCCM Trainers for capacity building missions. Trainers are available that speak English, French, Arabic and Spanish. All trainer costs are currently covered by the cluster, the operation is responsible for the venue and any incidentals.


The Global CCCM Cluster, on request by the field or by its own appraisal of CCCM needs, may undertake:

(i) Diagnostic missions to appraise the situation, identify areas in need of support and propose appropriate action, or
(ii) Technical support missions in response to an already identified or existing technical issue by the field and recommend action. In either situation, the support can take a strategic or operational shape depending on the needs on the ground.


Rapid field technical support is remotely available daily through telephone and email. Field operations and others in urgent need of support can directly call the CCCM team at IOM and UNHCR offices for immediate support. CCCM also develops and disseminates tools to field operations, partners and donors.