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NFI distribution to vulnerable households in South Sudan

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NFI distribution to vulnerable households in South Sudan

On 12-13 August 2014, the CCCM Cluster distributed NFIs to IDPs and the most vulnerable households in Kouk and Rubkouy Payams of Mayandit County in Unity State, South Sudan.

CCCM Cluster, in cooperation with the Protection Cluster in Leer, identified 500 vulnerable households of internally displaced persons (IDPs) as well as the most vulnerable households from those host families whose houses were totally burnt down in Kouk Payam (417 householdss) and Rubkouy Payam (83 households) of Mayandit County in July 2014.

These two Payams were yet to be covered by any humanitarian responses in the aftermath of the crisis earlier this year. The CCCM team worked in collaboration with the local authorities—RRC, County Commissioner, and Chiefs of Payam and Boma, in order to identify gaps, assess the needs of the persons of concern and proceed with the verification.

The delivery of NFIs, consisting of 2 buckets, 6 pieces of soap, 2 blankets, 2 women underwear, 2 sanitary cloths, 1 kitchen set, 1 jerry can, 2 mosquito nets, 1 plastic sheet, and 2 sleeping mats for every household, was done through 11 rotations by commercial flights chartered from Juba to Leer. These NFIs were stored at the UNHCR compound in Leer and needed to be distributed in locations approximately a 25-minute drive away from the distribution centre.

After the arrival of the flights in Leer, five rotations of trucks transported the NFIs from the UNHCR compound in Leer to the distribution point in Tonyon. There, a small road would take them as far as 1 kilometer away from the beneficiaries’ residential areas. Upon arrival, local workers were hired to load and assist in the distribution.

The "Leer Response" in the Southern Unity State of South Sudan is part of UNHCR-led  Protection activities, in which CCCM assists.