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Camp Management Training in Finland

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Camp Management Training in Finland

Camp Management Training in Finland!

The recent Camp Management (CM) training held through the 21st-26th of September 2013 in Nynäs, Finland. It was organized by the Finnish Red Cross in partnership with the CCCM global cluster. The trainers of this programme Natalia Pascual and Victoria Lund both from NRC have worked in numerous countries implementing camp management activities in camp and camp-like settings in emergency crisis and protracted settings. Natalia and Victoria have even trained together in quite complex and challenging situations, in Nepal and in Georgia. Provided their rich field experiences these two seasoned trainers conducted a dynamic Camp Management training for the twenty-two participates, with varying levels of CM expertise. The majority of participants worked for the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (Kenyan, Ugandan, Spanish, German, and Finnish Red Cross Societies) and the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC). There were also CCCM Cluster participants representing IOM and UNHCR.

The purpose of the training was to bring together partners in the CCCM sector to develop shared understandings of roles and responsibilities, in accordance with international principles and standards. The training aimed to further develop awareness and competence in using guidelines and tools to prepare to contribute to effective settlement responses, where needed. The training programme included presentations with slides, plenary discussions, case studies, group work, exercises, games and role play. The methodology used was based on the adult learning cycle and required full-time participation and active learning. During the training participants had the unique opportunity to visit the Finnish Red Cross’ Logistics Center. This was a unique experience as we were able to learn how logistics operates from headquarters to the field. Overall, the training provided participants with a platform to share their experiences, lessons learned, and best practices with one another and to openly discuss, analyze, and address ways in which to better coordinate and to effectively manage activities in camp and camp-like settings. Two of the participants are being deployed this week to work in relation to the Syria crisis, one to Jordan to support shelter needs in Zaatari camp, and the other to Turkey to address security concerns in the camps across the border. That said without a doubt these individuals are now more equipped to handle the ever present challenges they will face after having participated in this training.

The Camp Management training consisted of the following modules:

1.      Introduction to the course

2.      Introduction to Camp Coordination and Camp Management (Part 1 and 2)

3.      Humanitarian Reform, Transformative Agenda and the CCCM cluster

4.      Roles and Responsibilities (Part 1 and 2)

5.      Protection –Legal framework

6.      Operationalizing Protection

7.      Coordination in camps

8.      Information Management

9.      Participation

10.  Safety and security

11.  Standards & Settlement Design (Part 1 and 2)

12.  Care and Maintenance

13.  Camp Closure and durable solutions