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The CCCM camp management online course has been developed by CCCM cluster colleagues from NRC, IOM, and UNHCR. 

This CCCM certified course introduces field practitioners to the latest best practices and most current resources for the unique and challenging job of working in camps. With the support of a qualified team of experts, participants will experience what it’s like to be in a camp management team in a variety of contexts and settings including: planned and self-settled camps, collective, reception, transit, and evacuation centres. Using self-direct learning, the course builds participants’ competence through videos, audios, useful links, practical exercises and games. Designed and developed by former camp managers this course aims to help participants make informed decisions, through realistic challenges faced in typical day-to-day camp situations. 

The course takes approximately ten hours to complete, and consists of nine modules lasting between 45 and 60 minutes each. The course aims to help improve participants’ skills in core camp management themes of humanitarian principles and code of conduct, coordination, information management, community participation, protection and gender-based violence, standards and settlement design, safety and security, camp closure and durable solutions. 

As a participant, you will:

  • Become the camp manager in nine different global displacement contexts.
  • Be guided by a team leader and surrounded by six qualified technical experts in security, protection, information management, community mobilization, site planning and capacity building. 
  • Be challenged by today‘s complex and diverse displacement issues caused by conflict, violence and disasters.
  • Work in different type of settlements with a wide range of structures and stakeholders.
  • Put into practice camp management core competences and will explore a number of responsibilities.
  • Apply camp management responsibilities throughout the camp life cycle.
  • Use practical tools and downloadable formats for offline support.
  • Have access to global and regional CCCM resources and references.
  • Experience a broad variety of learning methodologies.
  • Will enjoy videos, audios, presentations, links, games, a great interactive learning experience.
  • Will be tasked with practical activities and will validate your learning with technical test.
  • Will review the key messages of each module with an interactive video that will summarize the main learning points.