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Providing equitable access to services

The role of the Global Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Cluster is twofold; to coordinate humanitarian actors with regards to all services provided to displaced populations within any communal settings (i.e. camps, informal settlements, collective centres); and working with the affected population to ensure representation, on-site governance and access to information about services provided.

Working with national authorities to support their responsibility to administer such sites through capacity building; expert technical support; and strategic planning to prevent and cope with massive displacement of populations; and move towards durable solutions.

Global CCCM Cluster actors ensure that systems are in place to meet minimal humanitarian standards; duplication is prevented and gaps addressed; using camps or camp-like settings as a last resort to provide assistance and protection to affected populations and exploring how to best provide services out of camps. It is also important to establish two-way communication structures that inform site residents about what is happening. Giving residents the opportunity to both participate in decisions that concern them and provide feedback to humanitarian actors.